Logger belt


You know, we will never let you down. Logger belt is comfortable, easy to use, and fits even for strongest logger. 140cm length gives enough room for 4-5XL logger. Belt material is 100% polyester, buckle is steel.

You can cut belt to right length, we recommend to burn or glue cutted end to keep it in one piece.  Eventhough nobody drinks beer anymore (it is not good for your health), you still have bottle opener inside your belt buckle. Just for emergency situations!

This belt is extremely good. Sleek and simple. One thing to mention is this thin and lightweight buckle. It is strong, but does not make any pressure to your stomach area. Heavier buckle usually aches when big boys try to reach something from the ground. Not this one. Yes, this is something we warmly recommend to anyone. Buy several at once, so you have no need to switch it between work and dance pants.

A must have tool for every logger!